Among the many home improvements that will add value to your residence, garage door replacement according to one source published by the Forbes offers a 97.5 percent recoup on your investment!

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to sell your home to move to another one, flip a property or simply add value to the place you live, garage door replacement is a great idea.

Garage Door Designs to Look Out for This Year

Garage doors have been evolving and the year 2019 has seen some spectacular new models and designs hit the market. We’re going to review some of our favorites in this article so that those of you looking for ideas can get a sense of the kind of gorgeous options you have out there!

Martin Copper

 martin copper

We’re going to begin with the Copper design by the manufacturer Martin. Apart from being durable and ideal for garages that hold items of value, the door is made from actual copper! If you’re looking for that rustic look with all the security benefits, we highly recommend this design!

Northwest Modern Classic

 northwest modern classic

Maybe you want something a notch simpler than a copper garage door but still need a modern design that agrees with the modern architecture of your home. If so, we recommend the Modern Classic by Northwest Door.

The Modern Classic  features a dark bronze frame with panes of laminated glass. The doors are non-intrusive, aesthetically minimal and a classy addition to any modern home.

 Amarr Heritage

 amarr heritage

Do you have a home design akin to traditional desert homes down south? The kind with beige or brown color theme and clay or mud wall kind of aesthetic going? If so you probably need a door to back up the vibe and we feel you won’t find anything better than the Amarr Heritage model.

This flush panel door is available in a sandstone shade which is agreeable with numerous wall colors including varying shades of white and brown. With an extremely simple look, this door allows for modern convenience with a customary appearance.

Winding Down

There are a lot of other door designs made by manufacturers that you can choose from however we felt these ones really stood out.

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Remember, if you’ve got a home of value, it makes sense to find a garage door that adds to it!