Storm shelters are an essential feature for many homeowners in areas prone to severe weather conditions such as tornadoes and hurricanes. These structures are designed to provide safety during natural disasters, but they also require proper maintenance to remain functional and durable during a time of need. Regular maintenance of storm shelters is crucial to ensure they are ready to protect you and your family when needed.

Here are 5 maintenance tips for long-lasting storm shelters.

1. Regular Cleaning

Storm shelters must be cleaned frequently to prevent dirt, debris, and insects from building up in the space. Regular cleaning also helps in maintaining the hygiene of the shelter. You can clean your storm shelter by sweeping and wiping the floors, walls, and ceiling with a damp cloth.

2. Inspect and Repair Damage

It’s essential to inspect your storm shelter for any signs of damage, including cracks, leaks, or other structural problems. Regular inspections help identify issues early on and prevent them from becoming severe. In case of any damage, repairs should be carried out promptly to prevent any potential risks.

3. Check and Replace Supplies

Safe rooms should always be equipped with sufficient supplies such as food, water, and first aid kits. It’s important to check these supplies regularly and replace them as needed. This ensures that your shelter is always equipped with essential items for your survival in the event of an emergency.

4. Test Equipment

Storm shelters often come equipped with essential equipment such as emergency radios, flashlights, and batteries. It’s crucial to test this equipment regularly to ensure its functioning properly. Test the equipment before the storm season begins, and replace any malfunctioning equipment.

Two people trying to fix a radio


5. Professional Inspection

Professional inspection of your storm shelter is essential to identify any hidden issues that may not be visible during routine maintenance. A professional inspector can identify any potential risks and advise on necessary repairs or replacements. It’s recommended to have yourconcrete storm shelters Oklahoma professionally inspected at least once a year.

In conclusion, proper maintenance of your in-ground storm shelter is essential to ensure it remains functional and durable for years to come. Following these tips will ensure that your safe rooms oklahoma stays in mint condition all year long. If you want experts to look at your safe room shelter or want a new garage shelter made, get in touch with Oklahoma Shelters. Learn more about their services here.