Unlike dirt gathered around the shower, keeping track of clogged drains and cleaning it as you go is hard. When you see stagnant water in the shower or bathtub, the drain has already been clogged for a while. Another sign is water starts going through the drain very slowly.

It means there is some buildup stopping it. There are multiple reasons behind drain clogging. Everything from hair, toothpaste, soap, or shampoo residue can clog up a drain. It helps to find what is causing the clog.

Following are some ways to unclog a shower drain without damaging it, but if an underlying plumbing issue needs fixing, it’s best to call Wasden Plumbing, the best plumber in Rockwall TX.

1. Use a Natural Drain Cleaner

Shadow of a shower running and soap dish placed next to it

Chemical drain cleaners seem like a convenient store-bought option to unclog drains, but they tend to be more good than bad. They can be corrosive to PVC pipes. Therefore, it is recommended to use a natural drain cleaner.

According to Bungalow, using a mixture of white vinegar, baking soda, and boiling water can potentially unclog a drain. However, if that does not work, Wasden Plumbing can help with the buildup of grease and other residues, clear dirt stuck inside, and correct other kinds of internal pipe wear and tear.

2. Use a Drain Snake or Coat Hanger

One way to unclog a drain is to use a drain snake, but since it’s a specialized tool that not everyone would want to buy, a coat hanger makes for an easy alternative. Whichever tool you use, use the hooked end to fish out hair remains and other residue. Once all the gunk is out, run over some hot boiling water.

This is a useful but disgusting hack. So why bother with it when the best plumbing company is just a call away? Let Wasden Plumbing Services, LLC take charge.

3. Remove Clog With a Hand

If you can bear to ignore the slimy, sticky, dirty feeling of going through with it- try to remove the clog with your hand. You can use rubber gloves to avoid direct contact, but that does not make the smell and nastiness disappear.

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