Even though antique furniture pieces are always in fashion, it doesn’t mean that you should keep a furniture item for years. Like all other things, furniture also has an expected lifespan; if you try to continue using it after that period, you might experience sudden breaking or discomfort while sitting or lying down. It’s important to replace your furniture every once in a while.

This article discusses the right time to get rid of different furniture items.

An outdated couch beside a side table and lamp



Even though a couch has an expected lifespan of around 8-15 years, you might have to replace it if it starts to creak out of nowhere. Additionally, if the couch’s cushions are sagging and you aren’t getting any support when sitting, you need to get rid of it ASAP! Smelly or stained cushions, where the stains won’t go away despite continuous scrubbing, are also signs of replacing your existing couch.

Wooden Tables

If maintained properly, wooden tables can last for around 20 years. But continuous scratches and food stains on dining tables mean you’ll have to get rid of the table once it starts to look hideous. Additionally, if you’re considering moving the table to a new room, why not get a large or smaller one that fits better?


Beds also last 15-20 years, depending on how well you clean them. But if your bed frame is creaking, you might have to invest in a new bed. Additionally, if your mattress is sagging or smells, your mattress also needs to be replaced with a new one.

Wooden and Upholstered Chairs

Can you notice splinters on your wooden chair? If yes, you need to replace it immediately. Additionally, if the wooden chair in your dining room or seating area wobbles every time someone sits or get-ups, you have to get a safer and new seating arrangement, like better wooden chairs.

Wooden chairs can last 15 years, while upholstered chairs have a lifespan of 10 years maximum. So if you have an upholstered chair, get rid of it when it’s no longer comfortable.

An upholstered chair and a footstool in a room


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