Many people make the mistake of not replacing their plumbing even when it’s completely deteriorated. They think they can get a few more years out of it if they keep getting it repaired. As we shall see, that costs you more in the long run than installing new plumbing.

We asked some of the most experienced plumbers in Rockwall, TX, from Wasden Plumbing for their advice on when it’s time for full plumbing replacement.

Here are some of the biggest signs that you need a full plumbing replacement.

You Keep Having to Repair Your Plumbing

The first thing plumbing services in Rockwall, TX, check to determine if you need a plumbing replacement is how often you need your plumbing repaired. If you keep having to call a plumber every few years, it’s a pretty good sign that your plumbing is at its last breaths, and you need a full plumbing replacement.

Your Yearly Repair Costs Exceed Yearly Cost of a New Plumbing

One exact way to tell if you need full plumbing replacement is by calculating the yearly cost of your current plumbing and that of new plumbing. Let’s say that a full plumbing replacement costs you $60 and is expected to last 30 years without any plumbing problems. That makes the yearly cost of new plumbing exactly $2.

If you have to spend more on repairs than the yearly cost of new plumbing, you’re throwing your money down the drain. A full plumbing replacement will cost you less in the long run.

Your Plumbing is Really Old

Some people think they shouldn’t replace their Victorian-era plumbing because it’s made of better quality material than pluming is made of today. In practice, this theory doesn’t hold much water. In fact, modern plumbing materials may be better for your home than the materials of your old plumbing system. For example, if the water in your area has a high pH, PVC plumbing will last much longer than cast iron plumbing.

Your Plumber Says You Need Plumbing Replacement

There are countless other factors plumbers consider to determine if you need a full plumbing replacement. At the end of the day, only a professional plumber can tell you for certain. Need a plumber in Rockwall, TX? We recommend Wasden Plumbing. 

Wasden Plumbing is the leading plumbing company in Rockwall, TX, that has been offering plumbing inspections for over twenty years. They’re also the first plumbing service in Rowlett, TX, to offer their services 24/7.

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