Clogged toilet? Corrosive acids and unclogging solutions may work temporarily, but they do more harm than good.

Here’s why you should always call a plumbing service in Rowlett, TX, for a clogged toilet before it spirals out of control.

Why Chemical Solutions Are Not A Solution

Chemical unclogging solutions are made to dissolve almost everything in their way. Most chemical solutions are made from strong acids or alkalis that can break down and dissolve all kinds of solids. However, this doesn’t always go in your favor.

Pouring chemical solutions in your toilet is like showing up with a machete to do brain surgery. These chemicals don’t differentiate between your toilet pipes and the stuff blocking your toilet pipes. They corrode your pipes and can even eat a hole in your plumbing with continued use.

These chemicals release harmful fumes as they dissolve through your pipes. Prolonged or repeated exposure to these fumes can lead to serious health problems.

When Your Plunger Stops Working, Don’t Push It

A plunger doesn’t corrode your pipes as chemical solutions can, but plungers don’t always work. First, you need a plunger that’s right for your toilet size. You also have to know how to fit it to form a seal. However, a plunger might not work against some clogs even if you’re using it right.

When your plunger fails to unclog your toilet, you should call a plumber instead. Applying too much pressure with your plunger can make the clog even tighter.

Calling a Plumber Saves You Time and Money Down The Line

If you have a bad clog that a plunger or chemicals can’t help, you will have to call a plumber eventually. However, trying your luck with chemicals and plunging can make the plumber’s job harder and cost you more money.

If you find yourself having to unclog your toilet quite too often, your toilet probably has a deeper problem (pun intended). A professional plumber can investigate and fix the root cause, saving you time and energy in the long run.

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