An average household in America uses their garage doors about 15 times every day. Opening and closing the garage door frequently can lead to the mechanical components wearing out prematurely. In this context, even the most strong and durable garage doors can need repairs over time. Continue reading this article to understand some common problems that you might encounter with your garage doors and how to fix them.

1. Noisy Garage Doors

Garage doors that make noises while operating may have an underlying problem. Noisy garage doors indicate its rollers have been damaged due to constant wear and need immediate lubrication. Specifically, a rattling sound while opening or closing the garage door indicates a loose nut, screw, or bolt.

The torsion spring in your garage doors might also have worn out if you notice your garage door creating a popping noise. Worn-out torsion springs that lose their lubrication make squeaky and popping sounds whenever you use the garage door. However, you must avoid changing or replacing the torsion springs yourself, as the process is risky and may ruin your garage door beyond repair. Therefore, only avail professional help from garage door experts near you to resolve the issue.

2. Slow-Functioning Garage Doors

Is your garage door opening or closing at a snail’s pace? Try lubricating its rollers. Slow-moving garage doors also indicate dirty roller tracks. Thus, wipe the tracks clean and ensure no obstacle is in their way.


Two professionals repairing a garage door

3. Problems with the Limits

A garage door that opens unevenly means there’s some problem with its limits. Limits control how much a garage door opens or closes, keeping the motor from running constantly. Uneven openings might also indicate something trapped in the garage door’s tracks. Hire professional garage door services if you notice this issue.

4. A Faulty Keypad

Modern-day garage doors have a keypad system that can malfunction over time. If your garage door seems inoperable, try replacing the keypad batteries with new ones. If that doesn’t solve the problem, the keypad’s antenna might have become faulty.

The Bottom Line

Call professional garage door services in California today. If you’re looking for a reliable garage door services provider, reach out to Your Garage Door Guys. Their skilled technicians can upgrade, repair, inspect, and install garage doors at a reasonable rate. Contact them today for more details.