Research suggests that 28% of the American population spends six hours a week cleaning their houses. If you fall under this percentage, you may be spending too much of your time cleaning up your garage. Here are some time-saving tips that you can consider while cleaning and organizing your garage.

1. Remove All Garage Items

The best way for garage cleaning and organizing is by creating a blank canvas by removing everything from your garage. If you aim to complete the task within the same day, you can keep your belongings outside your garage, or else you may have to make room inside your house to temporarily keep the garage equipment.

2. Creating Boxes

The next step in your garage organization includes creating boxes or piles for your garage items. You can create four separate boxes for the things you want to keep, sell, donate or trash. It’s important that you carefully go through all your belongings so that you don’t throw out anything important. However, while organizing your boxes, you may come across certain items that don’t belong to your garage, and you will have to bring them back to your house.

3. Floor Cleaning

You’ll be left with a dirty chamber once you have carefully removed and sorted all your boxes. Now all you need is a broom or a vacuum cleaner to clean out all the dirt from your garage. While cleaning, you may notice some oil stains from your car or motorbike, which can easily be removed by using different cleaning agents such as bleach. Be careful to wear your protective gloves if you use bleach for stain removal, as it is a very strong cleaning agent and can cause skin irritation.

4. Organizational System

Once your garage is properly cleaned and dried, you are now ready to create your organizational system. You can create small partitions or sections in your garage according to your specific needs. For example, you can keep all your garage tools in one section and your cleaning equipment in another.



A cleaned and organized garage will not only make it look appealing but will also help you reach out to the tools that you need without wasting your time looking around for them.

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