Every component of your garage door has a lifespan, and maximizing the lifespan of these components will ultimately improve the functionality of your garage door. Particularly, garage door rollers are a key component that connects the door to a set of tracks that allow the opening and closing of the door smoothly.

Professional garage door services can help keep these rollers in working condition so that you won’t face any issues down the road. However, if your garage door rollers are showing signs of malfunctioning, here’s when you’ll need to get them replaced with the help of a garage door repair services company.

When To Get Them Replaced?

Similar to garage door springs, the rollers come with a cycle rating. This means they will last for a certain number of cycles. A cycle is counted when you open and close your garage door. On average, a residential garage door has up to 1,500 cycles per year.

You can always refer to the documentation of your garage door to check the life of its components. Nylon rollers are sturdier and will last for about 10,000 cycles. Knowing the cycles of your garage door, you can perform some basic calculations to determine when you’ll need to replace your rollers in the future. If the rollers have crossed their cycle rating, it’s time to replace them.

Lifespans Of Rollers

The lifespan of rollers depends on the materials that are used. For instance, plastic rollers can last a few years, and steel rollers with ball bearings can last up to 10-15 years with proper maintenance. However, builder-grade steel rollers will only last a couple of years and are the loudest rollers you will find. What’s more, nylon rollers are the quietest ones and can last 12-20 years depending on the quality and are usually the most expensive option.

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