One of the most important decisions you have to make when getting a garage door is assessing its material and the security it can provide you. Garage doors are usually made up of wood, aluminum, and steel. But many are not aware of fiberglass garage doors. It’s a valuable material that can be used in certain weather and environment based on the homeowner’s preferences.

Here are some reasons you should install fiberglass garage doors at your home:

It Lets the Light In

Fiberglass is a semi-transparent material that will allow light into your garage. But if you don’t want light streaming into your garage, you can always paint over it with a dark color. Also, fiberglass is a malleable material that can be customized in many designs and colors. You can also create a faux wood finish look without investing in real wood.

Corrosion Resistant

If you live by the sea, you must be familiar with the corrosion in metal items and machinery due to the humidity in the air. One of the biggest advantages of fiberglass doors is that they are resistant to corrosion and won’t expand and contract due to temperature changes in the atmosphere. And you won’t have to constantly replace them due to rotting or warping.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike real wood, fiberglass does not require regular maintenance. Cleaning your fiberglass garage doors once a year should be enough, but you might need to wipe them down regularly to prevent any grime build-up and fading. You can simply mix lukewarm water with some mild house detergent and gently rub away the dirt and grime and gently rinse off with clean water.

Insulation And Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass doors are designed with added insulation properties that help improve the home’s internal thermal efficiency. So it will keep the outside temperatures outside. It will also block the street noise as other door materials do. This is why fiberglass can give the effect of aesthetic visuals while also being a smart choice for your home.

garage doors fitted with glass

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