Are you renovating your home? You must have thought about revamping your bathroom. If you haven’t, this is your sign to make an informed decision and beautify your bathroom during the renovation process.

When remodeling your bathroom, your first thought should be about the focal point of your bathroom: the shower area. Before you rush to a store, consider certain factors when shopping for a shower door replacement. These quick tips will help you decide better.

1. Choose Your Shower Door Style

Shower door enclosures come in three types of frames:

  • Framed
  • Semi-framed
  • Frameless

A framed door is made of metal or aluminum frame and uses thin tempered glass. In contrast, a frameless glass shower door uses connection brackets instead of frames. Both have pros and cons.

Framed glass doors are cost-effective and easy to install, but may appear outdated if your goal is to create a contemporary look for your shower. Frameless doors are versatile, modern, and can open inward and outward. However, these are more expensive and difficult to install.

Semi-framed doors let you enjoy the features of both door styles. You can assure the stability of a framed door while streamlining the design versatility of a frameless door into your semi-framed door.

2. Choose Your Glass Type

Tempered glass is a common shower enclosure because of its heat resistance and strength. However, it’s also slightly tinted. If you’re looking for an aesthetic look for your bathroom, you can opt for low iron glass. It’s clearer with higher light reflection.

Opaque, textured, and frosted glass is ideal if you want some privacy. Other options include tinted glass with any color choice. Remember, whatever you choose should complement the fixtures and design features of your bathroom.

3. Choose Your Door

The types of doors vary but it’s important that you pick the right door. The decision will depend on the amount of space you have.

A swinging door is ideal if space isn’t an issue. It opens outward and inward, but if you’re constrained by space, a sliding door is a perfect solution.

4. Measure Space

Before you buy a shower door, get accurate measurements of your bathroom’s dimensions. Consider the aspects of your shower base, such as neo-angle, right angle, or quarter round. You can get a free measurement from Shower Doors of Dallas, a glass expert company in Texas.

 Semi-framed shower door

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