As leaders at the UN climate summit negotiate to control the environmental damage and limit global warming, it is important to look closer to home and see how we can play our part in averting the climate disaster.


We all have laundry issues and when dealing with shirts and dry cleaning, are we opting for the right choice?

Is our choice of dry cleaner just based on the quality of the service? Perhaps we want one because it is closer to home or on the way to work?

Maybe we chose our dry cleaner because it offers the cheapest rates.

But at what cost?

When it comes to these choices, it is vital to keep the environmental impact of dry-cleaning in mind. While the other three factors do weigh in, choosing a green eco-friendly cleaner can impact the environment.


Perc And Commercial Laundry Services

The thing is that regular dry cleaning has solvents like Perc, a chemical that contaminates water supplies and land. The result is that they become toxic to the fish and other plant life in these areas. It also contaminates aquifers resulting in large bodies of water becoming toxic even for human consumption.


Save The Ozone

But that’s just one solvent. Other petroleum solvents found in traditional dry-cleaning methods also lead to toxic air pollutants. They also result in volatile organic compounds (VOC).

All this results in ozone layer depletion, which is causing global warming.

So, if you are opting for professional dry-cleaning in DC, pick a green eco-friendly cleaner like Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaner located in the DC Metropolitan Area.

Here are some other benefits of choosing a green eco-friendly cleaner.


clothes hanging at the dry cleaners

Uses Less Water

Besides saving the world, eco-friendly dry cleaning also results in less water consumption.


Safe For Your Family

The organic dry-cleaning solvents used in eco-friendly dry cleaning are safe for you and your family. On the other hand, research has shown that Perc remains in dry-cleaned clothes exposing you to toxic chemicals and being a source of potential health risks for you and your family.

Plus, organic dry cleaning means odorless clothes that don’t smell of string chemicals but instead give a fresh feel to clothes.

The best part is that organic dry cleaning is effective. So, if you are looking for a reliable dry cleaner and laundry service provider in Washington DC, reach out to Imperial Valet. They’ve been in the business of dry cleaning for over 80 years and are offering eco-friendly dry-cleaning services and play their part in saving planet earth.