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Do you want to set the mood in any space? Don’t ignore the lighting around it.

While moonlight and sunshine are the best sources of light in outdoor areas, it usually helps to have some backup. With that being said, our design and build landscape expert in San Francisco is highlighting 3 lighting ideas so you can see clearly in your outdoor oasis no matter what time of day it is.

1. Use perfectly positioned spotlights to illuminate your living wall

Living wall ideas are an incredible addition to gardens, which don’t just offer an appealing backdrop to your patio but maximize the available planting space. By up lighting this living feature wall with embedded patio lights, you can make it look pretty cool.

Compared to other types of garden lighting, in-ground lighting can be more difficult to install. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Just ensure that the lighting isn’t very close to the wall so that it allows the plants to grow over time. However, the wall might properly not be lit if it’s placed too far away from the wall. You can use a fitting that comes with an adjustable lens. This way, you can place it further away while still lighting the wall effectively.

2. Build a versatile patio with wall lighting

While a patio offers a versatile outdoor space that can take you from day to night irrespective of the weather, patio lighting ideas are important if you’re planning to stay out after the sun sets.

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Whatever the style or size, wall lights are an incredible choice of outdoor lighting that’s both atmospheric and practical. These lights link different zones within a bigger garden, define boundaries, and provide effective task lighting that can illuminate different areas of a garden. They also provide incredible accent lighting, making them perfect for providing a gentle source of light when you want to entertain or relax in the evening.

3. Add solar lights to the front garden

Lighting can enhance your front yard landscaping. An outdoor light will enhance security and provide a welcoming beacon for guests.

When choosing lights for the front of your home, it’s best to go for outdoor lighting ideas that work on a timer or a sensor. By choosing lights that operate intermittently, you’ll still get the benefits of outdoor lighting without disturbing neighbors or wasting energy when they’re not in use. Plus, solar outdoor lighting will save a lot of energy too.

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