Ever since the pandemic, homeowners have been reclaiming the outdoor spaces within their homes. Patios, balconies, decks, swimming pools, and outdoor fire pits are becoming a vital part of modern American homes. Homeowners want to ensure that the exterior spaces of their homes are as stylish (if not more) as the interior spaces.

Fortunately, getting handmade wooden tables is a smart way to uplift your outdoor spaces. Let us tell you how you can redefine your home’s outdoor spaces with some of the most trendy wooden furniture pieces.

Jazz It Up with Live-Edge

Live-edge tables are a contemporary furniture choice many homeowners are interested in. Made from solid wood leftovers, live-edge tables preserve the genuineness and charm of the source wood. You can add a unique live-edge acacia wood table on your patio to make a stunning centerpiece that says itself about its awesomeness!

Add Richness with Macassar Ebony

A straight-cut wood table made of Macassar wood is another great way to stylize your outdoor space. If you have a large balcony or a deck, place a straight-cut outdoor table with a glossy raisin finish. The rich color of the Macassar wood and the elegant finish will make it a standout piece for your next barbecue party.

Macassar wood table on the deck

Be Bold with A Root

Who said coffee tables are meant to be indoors only? Complementing contemporary and rustic decors both, root coffee tables can help you make a big style statement. Make your outdoor space chic, vibrant, eclectic, or rustic with a root coffee table made of acacia wood.

Personalize the Space

No two homes are alike. Adding a personalized touch to your home design can help make it more unique. If you want your patio and other outdoor spaces to look like you truly own them, get a custom-made handmade live-edge  table. You can pick a wooden slab with unique grains, choose the finishing, and opt for a base that goes best with your taste. Trust us on this; you will have a piece unique only to your home!

Dare to Do More

Outdoor spaces are great to experiment with and take it up a notch a little. You can opt for colors, lights, and bespoke custom tables to reinvent your outdoor spaces. Get in touch with LTJ Arbor for acacia wood tables, Macassar ebony tables, and other high-end wood tables.