No matter how big or small your home is, chances are you are keen to set up an exclusive dining space. Whether you opt for a lavish dining room with chandeliers or create a dining zone in an open floorplan, dining tables are essential for all American households. After all, this is where our families break the bread together and have meaningful conversations. They help our mealtimes become special.

If you want a bespoke custom table for your dining room that says everything about you, check out our suggestions. Here are four table styles that will make your heart fill with pride and impress your visitors like no other element in your home.

Four Dining Tables to Transform Dining

If you are updated with2022 furniture trends, you must know about the popularity of handmade wood tables. If not, today is the day you’ll fall in love with some contemporary dining tables that are rapidly becoming part of homes across the U.S.

Live-Edge Acacia Wood Table

Made out of already cut acacia trees, acacia wood dining tables are great to uplift the aesthetic appeal of your home. The unique grains on each wood slab, live-edge design, and raisin finish make acacia wood furniture one of the trendiest dining tables in today’s age.

Picture of a round live-edge wooden table

Acacia Wood Dining Table and Bench

Do you have a large family or often feed guests? Do you like retro American diners? If yes, transform your dining room with an acacia wood dining table and bench. This dining table is ideal for small spaces hosting many people. You can also use paint or wallpaper to make the wall your focal point in the dining room and have a bench fixed next to it.

Macassar Ebony Straight Cut Table

If you don’t want to go the rustic route, add an elegant straight-cut wood table made of Macassar ebony to your dining room. These tables are ideal for minimalist homes that boast simplicity and style. Macassar adds richness to the home’s interior.

Macassar Round Dining Table

As mentioned above, if you have a small space, a Macassar ebony wood dining table in a round shape is ideal for your dining room. Round dining tables are a huge part of contemporary open floor plans with natural elements.

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