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The trend of DIY home renovations has been on the rise for a while now. It offers the homeowners of Alabama an affordable and convenient way to remodel their properties. The best part about these projects is the sense of autonomy. You can start and finish it on your timeline without disrupting your family’s daily schedule. But the results of these remodeling jobs are often disappointing and problematic. This is why most residents of Alabama opt for Eco View’s professional windows and door replacement solutions instead. Here are some more reasons to avoid DIY-ing your home renovation project and hire experts.

Common Door Installation Issues

1. Hinge Screw Mistakes

The size of the hinge screws can make or break the entire door installation process. An amateur can easily get confused about the sizes. If you use smaller screws, the door will not get bolted properly. And if you use screws a size too big, you might chip off the surface of your new door.

2. Screwing Skills

The screws in your door must be bolted using the right amount of pressure. If you tighten them too much, they might cause your door to warp later.

3. Using Tools

When installing a door for the first time, you may not understand the importance of using the right tools for each task. This will result in an unsatisfactory installation job and require more repairs down the line.

A window with white frames

Common Window Installation Issues

1. Size Issues   

The most common mistake made during a DIY window installation job is getting the window frame size wrong. If the size of the new window is even an inch bigger than the installation spot, it will not fit. Similarly, if you get a smaller-sized frame, it will be just as useless.

2. Back Dam Issue

The back dam in a window keeps rainwater from accumulating and prevents the wooden frame from expanding. Amateur window installers often forget to build this crucial component into their windows, which affects the functionality of the window sill.

3. Nailing Fin Mistakes

The nailing fins of a window have to be installed with special care. You have to make sure that the window is opening properly during the process. If you are doing this job for the first time, you may forget to seal these fins and waste time and money on the installation job.

4. Spray Foam Problems

The quantity of spray foam used for filling has to be measured carefully. While doing this job without professional supervision, you may stain or jam the window frames.

To avoid all of the problems discussed above, you should hire Eco View Windows and Doors expert contractors to do this job for you! Their door and window replacement services have exceeded clients’ expectations across Pensacola, Florida. Get in touch with the company now and find out what makes them special.