The entrance to your home says a lot about you. It’s the first thing that visitors see, which is why it’s crucial to ensure it’s designed just right.

Different factors such as design, security, and energy efficiency are vital to consider when choosing a front door. However, it can become challenging to decide which door to choose with the overwhelming number of options.

Fiberglass and steel entry doors have been a popular alternative to traditional wood entry doors. Here’s how they differ:


Fiberglass doors come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes. Many people have fiberglass doors that resemble authentic wood doors, complete with actual wood grain patterns. You can add glass panes to these doors as well.

Compared to fiberglass, steel doors offer fewer customization options and come in limited styles. However, they’re available with wood finishes and glass panes as well.

Security & Durability

Fiberglass is a lightweight and thinner material and is more prone to damage. This is also why it’s not as secure as steel doors.

On the other hand, while it’s possible to scratch the outermost layer of steel, the inner layers are extremely robust. When it comes to protection and sturdiness, the performance of a steel door is unmatched.


Fiberglass doors can handle a wide range of cleaning techniques, ranging from a simple wipe-down to the spray of a pressure washer. Higher pressure settings, though, can leave dents in them.

Steel doors need regular lubrication but not a lot of cleaning. Washing them is a bad idea as it can cause rusting.

A house with a blue door


Fiberglass doors are generally more expensive. Because fiberglass doors come in various sizes, finishes, and styles, they may be more costly to customize.

Steel doors are less expensive than fiberglass doors, although this is dependent on the weight and size of the door.

Energy Efficiency

Fiberglass doors cannot retain heat, so they remain cool even during summer. This also means that in winter, these doors don’t let interior heat escape the house.

Steel doors, in contrast, heat up quickly in the summer heat and become very cold in winter. They’re not as energy-efficient as fiberglass doors.

a brown door with glass pane

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