Sewer lines serve an essential purpose and connect all the pipes in a building to the main sewer outside. This includes pipes from every toilet, tub, and sink in your home. However, damaged sewer lines lead to various problems, so it’s vital to get them replaced on time. But how do you know if it’s the right time to do this?

Here are some things you need to know.      

Your Building Smells Disgusting

A rotten smell is the most obvious sign that your sewer line needs replacement. Damaged sewer lines will cause wastewater to back up and enter the drains in and around your home, causing your home to stink.

This will also raise the air toxicity around your home, increasing the likelihood of you or your neighbors falling sick.

The Toilets Are Making Random Gurgling Noises

AS soon as you hear your toilets making gurgling noises, you must get in touch with the professionals. This happens because the water is pushed back to the toilet bowl from a clogged sewer line, and aside from the smell, it can even attract unwanted sewer rats!

There Are Soggy Spots in Your Yard

A broken sewer line will cause excessive water to build up underneath your lawn’s surface. This will create bright patches of grass on your lawn. If left unchecked, sewage water will eventually seep through the grass and create puddles of wastewater outside your home. There will also be an overgrowth of grass and a disgusting smell.

Animals Loiter In Your Lawn

Sewage pooling outside your home due to a broken sewage line will create an ideal environment for household pests. This will put you at risk of contracting potentially deadly diseases like rat-bite fever.

The Water Level in Your Toilet Bowl Keeps Changing

When your sewer line needs replacement, the pipes connecting your toilet to the main sewer will become clogged. This will reduce airflow in your pipes and jam your plumbing system, causing the amount of water in your toilets to sink randomly.

If you notice your toilet is too full or too empty, it’s a sign that your sewer line needs replacement.

There’s Mold Growing on Your Walls

Broken sewer lines will create blockages in the pipes inside your home. The resulting excessive water pressure will cause the pipes to crack or burst. As a result, sewage water will seep into your walls, promoting mold growth.

Without a sewer line replacement, mold buildup will continue and can seriously affect your health.

Mold on a wall

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