Tips to buy a fridgeFor most homeowners, purchasing home appliances is a long process. From research to market trips, it becomes quite a hassle to get the right appliance that serves value for the money one has invested in. Refrigerators are even more difficult to be bought, given the wide range of variety and their expensive pricing. On average, a branded refrigerator from a reliable company costs up to 5,000 AED, and there are so many of them out there that homeowners are perplexed before buying one.

If you have been thinking to purchase a refrigerator for your big family, here’s the list of things you need to keep in mind. Not that these tips aren’t helpful for a small family, but to fulfill the needs of big families, one has to go to extra lengths when investing in home appliances.


This goes without saying, but the dimensions of a refrigerator, such as height, width, and capacity, are of the utmost importance. For bigger families, 550-850 liters size is considered ideal, but you need to keep in mind your kitchen size, the space your refrigerator will take up as well as the height of your kitchen cabinets above the fridge.


Refrigerators earlier meant a simple freezer compartment on top and a fresh food compartment at the bottom. However, in this era, refrigerators have multiple designs such as dual door, French door, bottom freezer, top freezer etc. Before buying a fridge, you need to consider the needs of your family and invest in a design accordingly. Ideally, if you have a high budget, French door refrigerators are trendy and practical for all uses.


In this age of smart gadgets, it’s no surprise that home appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators also have smart features. Voice commands, temperature controls and water dispensers are some of the added features that you can purchase for an extra price. However, those are not necessities, and with a limited budget, you can pick based on a refrigerator’s basic features.

Fridge in UAE


Although those refrigerators have almost the same purposes, their interiors are widely different. Some have extra shelves in the doors, which is beneficial for families that like to stock up on snacks, while others may have special compartments for meat and vegetables. Make sure to thoroughly check the interior design of the refrigerator to meet your needs.


A mistake that most homeowners make is overlooking the exterior of the refrigerators. Color, finishing and material are some of the most important things to consider when buying a refrigerator because if you don’t, you’ll end up with a fridge that looks odd in your otherwise stylish kitchen interior.

Make the Best Purchase

Buying a refrigerator may be a difficult task but one that’s surely fun. If you’re in UAE and want to buy the best refrigerator for your family, check out the home appliances at AD Build Store. The online home shopping store has a vast range of kitchen appliances, furniture and all home essentials that you can buy.