Often, we see a home décor accessory we think will be a perfect fit for our space, only to realize later that it looks hideous. It’s okay; it happens to most of us. However, there is a way around it too. We must understand that interior designing is all about having a keen eye and focusing on various aspects of an object before bringing it home.

Here’s a list of avoidable interior design mistakes most of us make:

Not Considering the Scale

Scale is an important aspect of a perfect-looking home and the biggest mistake people make. Some people cramp up a small room with too many things, making it cluttered and disorganized, while others put too many large items in a large space turning it into a stuffed room.

The secret to proper scale is mixing different heights, shapes, and sizes.

Impulse Buying

It’s not that impulse buying is bad, but often you’re so taken by something that you don’t consider whether it’ll work with your décor or not. Avoid impulse buying as best as you can. Always plan, have an established budget, and then head over to shop.


Not Asking for Advice

You may know better, but even the most skilled amongst us make mistakes. Sometimes we need a fresh set of eyes to spot the problems instantly. Ask a friend for an opinion on the room arrangement, fabrics, or the color theme.

Hanging Art

Art is necessary for every home, whether it’s an oil painting or personalized canvas print. The problem is where and how to hang the art piece. The best way to go about it is to trace the frames on paper and cut them out. Hang these cutouts on the wall you want the art to go on, and try different placement options.

Not Adding Character

It’s easy to get carried away in a showroom full of furnishing. Refrain from buying everything at one time and place. Don’t buy everything matching either — it leads to a lack of character. There’s only one way to solve this: slowly, over time.

Not Having a Focal Point

Every room requires a focal point, and a common mistake is forgetting to give your room one. Find a focal point in a room and place furnishings around that point.


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