Unexpected rains, downpours, thunderstorms, hailstorms, spring showers… whatever extreme weather conditions condition you can think of are all a part of life in New Zealand. With all of the rain that New Zealand gets every year, taking care of your home’s spouting and guttering is a critical part of maintaining your property.

Spouting vs Guttering

Spouting and guttering are two terms often used interchangeably, which can become confusing. Both terms are used to define methods of how water from a roof is collected and discarded from the house. Spouting can refer to horizontal gutters that run along the roofline and vertical downpipes and pipes that catch and route water away from the roof.

How Does Spouting Work?

Not having a proper spouting system in place for your roof means the water would directly fall off the roof, causing damage to the walls and foundation of the house, also making it more prone to roof leakages. Spouting in the roof works by diverting water to the downpipes, allowing it to be collected where it is needed.

Roof of a house

The spouting system placed in your roof is slightly inclined to allow water to flow to the downpipes, which drains into the ground drainage system or water collection tanks. The spouting is designed to fit the roof area as well as the roof pitch, allowing it to handle both the volume and the speed of the rainwater. In a heavy rainfall area like New Zealand, larger and properly functioning spouting is necessary to ensure your house remains in proper shape.

Does Your Roof Need Spouting Repairs?

New Zealand law ensures that all building and house roofs have properly installed spouting as they play a big role in the structural integrity of the house and keeping the environment clean following heavy rains.

Given you have a spouting system installed in your home but it isn’t well-maintained, you might as well not have one at all. For the spouting system to work efficiently, it is important to maintain and repair them every six months.

Get Spouting Repairs from a Professional

If you’re having problems with leaky or broken spouting in your home, a professional roofing contractor in Hamilton can repair faulty sprouting or replace it with a continuous spouting option. Waterproof Roofs provides trusted roof repair in Hamilton, including spouting repairs, roofing leak repairs, and roof replacements at affordable prices.

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