There are two main types of roofing systems, commercial and industrial. Though the materials used in all of them are similar, they still differ in their qualities. People are often confused between industrial roofing and commercial roofing. One of the main differences between the two is their ability to withstand high temperatures, but there are other differences.

An industrial roof with an exhaust pipe

Industrial Roofing

Industrial roofing is unarguably one of the most demanding and challenging roofing types. That’s because an industrial facility has variable temperatures (mostly high), chemical fumes, and other harmful elements that can seriously damage the roof from the inside if the right material isn’t used.

Therefore, industrial roofing materials are different from commercial roofing because they are more robust and durable to withstand high temperatures and working conditions.

These durable roofs are more lasting than any other roofing type due to their toughness. Furthermore, high-quality industrial roofing is cost-efficient in the long run. They don’t get damaged that quickly, leading to low or no maintenance costs for business owners.

Commercial Roofing

A roof of a commercial building

On the other hand, commercial roofs are used in office buildings, retail stores, or any other commercial outlets. These are usually customized according to the clients’ needs and requirements. However, most clients don’t pay attention to these looks as the roofs are hardly visible to any coming customers due to their structural designs and adjacent commercial buildings. However, just like the industrial business owners, commercial owners also seek to get the most cost-efficient roofing that is robust and durable at the same time.


One common thing between the two is their maintenance. They both require building owners to make occasional visits to the roof to see if they see anything damaged or destroyed so they can contact a roofing contractor to take care of them.

Commercial building owners situated near trees should always visit the roof after a storm or before winters. That’s because tree debris is most likely a cause for drain blockages resulting in leaks. The same goes for the winter as well, as blockages can cause freezing pipelines in the winter.

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