If your chimney is damaged, needs to be torn down, or is just starting to show signs of wear, take the time to read up some important safety and maintenance tips. Although minor inspections and repairs can help you temporarily, you must always seek professional help to avoid any problems in the future.


Here are a few basics of chimney repairs you should know:

When should you get your chimney repaired?

The purpose of any chimney repair or inspection is to ensure that your chimney is structurally sound. If your chimney sways, shakes, or leans when you light fire, has parts that are rusted out or show other signs of deterioration, you need to get it fixed.

Preparing the chimney for repairs

Before you do anything else, climb up on the roof while wearing a pair of sturdy shoes and safety goggles. While on the roof, you will see loose or missing pieces of your chimney cap or flashing—these should be replaced before beginning any work inside the structure.


a couple of metal chimneys

However, it’s always better to call for a professional chimney cleaning service to avoid injuries.

Inspecting the chimney

Now that you’ve cleaned it, you should inspect your chimney for any cracks or holes that might allow smoke or soot to escape. Once this is determined, make sure all caps and covers are properly placed on the chimney.

Also, make sure the vent pipe is installed correctly and connected securely to the flue pipe. Once you’re sure everything is in place, climb back down to the ground and decide whether you need a full inspection of your entire structure—the pros can help identify structural problems before they become serious problems.

Prepare your tools and materials

A chimney is usually made of brick, metal, metal flashing, cement, plaster, or concrete. For repairs to be done correctly, you need a good set of tools and supplies that are appropriate for the job. While these are not all necessary, it will help to have a few around just in case something goes wrong or you need to quickly stop work because of falling debris.

If there’s a problem with the chimney on your building, call the chimney professionals for the job.

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