There are plenty of cold days to prepare for in CT, while there may not be a lot of snow to deal with. It is recommended to prepare yourself beforehand if you own a fireplace before the winter arrives.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests an annual chimney inspection and sweeping are to get rid of large built-up of flammable creosote and help unmaintained chimneys prevent home heating fires.


Here’s how you can prepare your chimney for winter inside and out.

Have You Installed A Chimney Cap?

Installing a Chimney cap will help in dealing with potential debris problems. Moreover, the Chimney Safety Institute of America considers it the best strategy to prevent moisture from getting inside your structure, leading to more significant moisture damage. There are many kinds of chimney caps, and ones with the mesh on their sides can also prevent rodents and animals from getting into your home.

Have You Installed Detectors And Alarms?

Every year, thousands of people are killed due to carbon monoxide poisoning compared to other kinds. Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are great life-saving devices. Please ensure you have them installed in your home before the winter arrives.

They are especially essential for homes with a wood stove or a fireplace. It is impossible to examine if the house is filled with fumes without the detector as carbon monoxide is invisible, tasteless, and odorless.


A house on a snowy mountain slope

Have You Scheduled A Chimney Inspection?

As you prepare for winter, chimney inspection becomes crucial to treat sustained damage. The life of mortar masonry is not more than 25 years remains safe from moisture damage. Expect the chimney structure to damage once the mortar wears out. When getting a chimney inspected, check the condition of the linings as well as they may also deteriorate, causing a dangerous house fire.

Is Your Emergency Kit Ready?

An emergency kit is advised to be prepared by every family in every household. It is essential for winters when electricity outages may occur. A typical emergency kit consists of a flashlight, a generator, warm clothing, pet supplies, plenty of food and water, sleeping bags, plenty of fuel, a battery-operated radio, a first-aid kit, a hand-operated can opener, and a lot of batteries. Moreover, ask your family members to put any of their necessities into it.

Do You Need A Professional Chimney Inspection Before Winter?

Creative Masonry & Chimney is a chimney contractor company that can do this job for you with efficiency and professionalism. They offer all kinds of chimney services, including repair, sweep, restoration, and construction in Connecticut. Getting your chimney inspected and swept from them would be a breeze. Make an appointment with them today.