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Building a home is about harmoniously adding in elements that work together; this includes the interior of the home and the exterior. However, an important element of home design is often ignored by homeowners: lightning has a huge impact on a home’s aesthetics and personality, and mood.

Here are the top reasons why good lighting is crucial in every home:

Set the Mood with General Lighting

General lighting of a home, or ambient lighting, has a direct impact on the atmosphere and the mood. It improves mood and creates a welcoming ambiance as opposed to dark, gloomy spaces. A home should have a sufficient amount of natural light to create a relaxed, cheerful space; however, that’s not always possible. This is why general lightning needs to be placed properly throughout the house.

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Simplify Things with Task Lighting

Task lighting works toward providing light to specific areas to enable better work. Unlike general lighting that has a wider reach, task lighting is pointed toward a specific area or direction; it’s also brighter than ambient lighting and comes in the form of ceiling lights, pendant lights, desk lamps, bedside lamps, and more.

It’s great for reading books, working in the kitchen, or any other thing that requires a concentrated source of light.

a modern kitchen

Highlight the Best Parts with Accent Lighting

Accent lighting accentuates certain elements in the home’s interiors like a favorite painting, accent walls, or décor. Accent light, unlike other types of lighting, is purely aesthetic. It uplifts the interior of the home and provides a space with ample decoration and a personality.

Stylish lamps, lights under a countertop, eccentric ceiling lights are all examples of accent lighting.

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