Sewer line replacement isn’t a simple undertaking, but it can be necessary at times. Your other option is sewer line repair which can save you substantially more money. However, you might be wondering which one is best for you, depending on your plumbing needs.

Let’s discuss both options to help you understand the differences and make a more informed decision.

Why Would You Need A Repair or Replacement?

Sewer lines are built to last a long time. The materials sued in making these sewer lines are high-quality and durable. Also, the technicians that install these lines are highly skilled individuals with experience in laying down sewer lines appropriately and professionally.

However, no matter how durable the sewer lines are, they can suffer issues like drainage clogs due to inadequate maintenance.

The warning signs of a damaged sewer include water not backing up, bad smell, flooding in the basement, low water pressure, leaking pipes, and more. If you do notice any of such signs, it’s best to call a professional plumbing company for inspection. This could be a call to repair or replace your old sewer lines.

Sewer Line Repair Vs. Replacement


Your sewer line can be repaired at a lesser cost compared to replacement. Repairs also don’t take much time and can be performed almost immediately when the issue is detected. An inspection of your pipes is done beforehand to determine the severity of the issue. Next, a solution is presented to tackle the issue effectively.

In a majority of the cases, a repair is possible. However, if the issue is severe and your sewer line is damaged beyond repair, you’ll have to get it replaced.


Which Is the Best for You?

The best option for your sewer line will depend on the severity of the damages or leakages. A repair is less costly, and, in most cases, you can get away with a repair if the issues aren’t grave. However, you’ll need a replacement if the pipes can’t be repaired.

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