a closeup of fireworksWant to start the year on the right note? What can be better than a New Year’s Eve party? Since there’s a certain pressure around New Year’s Eve, you’ll have to make more than a minimal effort to hit this thing off right — people want to start the year with a bang; you just can’t disappoint!

Here’s all you need to think of when planning the party to start the year:

A Clear, Realistic Theme

Let your guests play dress-up as the year ends — a costume party will work wonders to create memories; however, that’s not all you can opt for: go with color themes like black and gold, an 80s retro style, or a tropical party. Whatever you choose, ensure your guests will be able to execute it. Take it up a notch by making the invite-themed as well.

Get the Timing Right

You can’t mess up the timing of a New Year’s party — imagine if all the guests left by 11 pm. So, ensure that the party starts late, so people aren’t left waiting for the clock to strike twelve. Anytime after 9 pm works, as it’ll give everyone enough time to catch up, have a few drinks, and enjoy.

Serve Season-Centric Drinks

How about straying from the norm and incorporating season-centric drinks into your party. If people in your party drink alcohol, add in apple cider, eggnog, or champagne. For non-drinkers, go with fruit punches or hot drinks to warm them up.

people holding firecrackers

A Striking Playlist

What’s a party without a good playlist? Start the party on a soft note and slowly increase the tempo from there so by the time the clock strikes midnight, everyone is in an ecstatic, joyous mood.

Lots of Appetizers

Always have a good going of appetizers; arrange them next to the stack of plates as your guests arrive so they can have something to munch throughout the night. Go with crackers and cheese, apple slices, cured meats, spinach dips, baked potatoes, fries, chicken tenders, and more until the ball drops, and after that too.

A Memento to Take Home

And as the night ends, do make sure a physical photo is taken by an instant camera (physical photos are a fun way to create mementos). You can also create a staged photo area that’ll make for a festive backdrop.

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