Masonry units can be personalized in a range of colors, profiles, sizes, shapes, and textures. It’s economical and safe (in terms of resistance to wind, earthquake, and fire). Here’s to using this particular masonry material:Bricks are the oldest manufactured materials still in use for buildings.


Brick & Mortar

Bricks have been around for centuries. At first, they were made using mud and straw for added strength, but people quickly migrated to clay bricks that offered improved strength alongside greater durability. Bricks used in masonry make the structure appealing, safe, and of course, comfortable. These are usually composed of clay and shale, fired in kilns of 1093 degrees Celsius. Generally, mortar is laid between the bricks that harden to give the structure greater resistance to damage. This is what makes masonry airtight and, subsequently, allergy-resistant.

Cement for Masonry Construction

Cement may also be used for masonry construction as it offers plasticized materials combined with hydraulic cement that improve water retention, durability, and workability characteristics. For example, portland cement is a mixture of alumina, lime, gypsum, iron, and silica. As long as you build your masonry structure over a solid foundation, you will be able to boast impressive compressive strengths with cement blocks.

Concrete Masonry Units

Concrete masonry units have established themselves as the standard building material ever since the first block was molded in 1882. This is because they’re economical, fire-resistant, require minimal maintenance, yet never fail to remain energy efficient. The blocks are made using sand, cement, and lightweight aggregate; this makes concrete blocks extremely environmentally friendly.

To top it off, it offers notable architectural freedom that pairs effortlessly with its versatility. Aggregate is composed of sand or gravel that usually forms bulks of concrete.

Pattern made with brickwork

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