The pandemic has changed employment modes and allowed for more flexibility and convenience for both employees and employers. It has also led to cleaner, safer, and more efficient workplaces.

Here is a guide to designing a post-pandemic workplace while keeping employee wellbeing and safety in mind.

Open Office Spaces

Open office spaces have been a popular trend even before the pandemic began. Open floor plans limit the surface space employees can interact with and give the office a spacious look. Such open office spaces are also much easier to clean.

Make sure to install open-up windows to ensure proper ventilation across your workplace.

Adaptable Furniture

Adaptable office furniture can help you keep your employees safe and provide you with the flexibility required if you need to change your floor plans. Opt for flexible and lightweight furniture that can be easily reconfigured, moved, and sanitised. Install microfibre-based seating as they are easy to maintain and clean.

Touchless Technology

Installing touchless technology can give you optimal control. Some new technology suggestions include automatic doors with facial recognition, AV systems and elevators that can be controlled using your smartphone, and motion sensors or motion lights when turning on a faucet or entering a room.

Smaller Meeting Rooms

Your workplace might have embraced more flexibility and allowed employees to work remotely; however, some employees may still choose to work from the office. You need to ensure proper meeting spaces that allow your employees to connect easily from the office. Create smaller meeting rooms that can cater to two or three employees at one time to maintain safety standards.

Glass Partitions

The pandemic has made it imperative to maintain a healthy office environment. Install glass partitions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees. Glass partitions can allow your employees to practise social distancing with utmost ease.

Conference room in a workplace

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