Faucets are usually the most under-inspected item in your home. These usually fly under the radar compared to other plumbing problems like clogged drains and toilet leaks. The water wasted due to these minor faucet leaks leads to US households wasting an average of 10,000 gallons every year.

Fixing these leaky faucets can save you a lot of money as well because an unidentified leaky faucet can cause the water bill to rise as well. Let’s look at five possible causes for a leaky faucet.

Damaged O-Ring

Cartridge faucets have a stem screw that holds the handle in place. These stem screws have an O-ring shaped rubber seal attached to them that prevents water from leaking. A damaged O-ring will cause water to leak from the faucet’s handle.

When the cartridge itself is leaking, it mostly needs to be replaced. It’s a simple process that a plumbing company rockwall tx can do for you.

Corroded Valve Set

A damaged or corroded valve set can also cause leaks. This is the connection between the sprout and faucet, so when it weakens due to corrosion over time it gets cracks that cause leaks. These valve sets cannot be repaired—you’ll need to get a new set installed.

Trouble With Washers

Metallic washers and nuts

Perhaps one of the most common causes of leaks is caused by washers that rest on the valve. Whenever the faucet is used, pressure is exerted on these washers, and with time the washer gets weak and wears out, resulting in leaks.

These washers come in various sizes. If the washer isn’t the perfect size, the valve won’t set properly. That’s why you should hire a plumbing service rowlett tx to fix these for you.

High Water Pressure

The water pressure for the house is recommended to be 40 (Psi) but sometimes water suppliers use high pressure to reach homes near hilly areas or in tall buildings. Due to this high pressure residential areas can suffer from leakages and waterline bursts.

Faucets have simple mechanisms with various components. An issue with either of the components can cause leaks. So always know where you can get an emergency plumber. Wasden Plumbing in Rockwall, Texas operates 24/7. They have a team of experienced professionals with decades of experience. They can fix just about any plumbing issues, from  toilet repairs to sewer line repairs. They even offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling to their customers.