Often, when we move into a new place, we work on it to make it better suited to our liking. From setting up a new kitchen island to painting the walls in a tone that speaks more of our taste, we make all the effort to make the house our home. So after so much effort, why overlook an integral part of the building that’s important both aesthetically as well as for safety?

Chimneys, presumably an underrated part of the house, are often left neglected by new homeowners who do not deem it necessary to immediately call a chimney cleaning service and have it swept. It does make sense that a chimney has to be cleaned only once a year, but what’s the guarantee that the previous house owners took this guideline seriously?

Documented Proof

Unless the documentation you’re provided with is from a reliable sweeping contractor, you cannot be sure of when the last chimney sweep was carried out. In order to ensure that the documentation is from a trusted and licensed chimney service company, do the due diligence and look up the sources such as Chimney Sweep Association of America (CSIA).

Why Should You Get the Chimney Cleaned?

In case the realtor or the previous owner fails to provide you with a satisfactory report on the condition of the chimney in the new house, you need to get the chimney cleaned. Here’s why:


There’s no other way around it. According to statistics, every year, as many as 25,000 chimney fire incidents can be prevented if a chimney sweep is done as per the directives of CSIA or NFPA. In most cases, chimney fires are erupted due to the excessive presence of built-up creosote, which goes unnoticed by the homeowners. This creosote is a highly flammable chemical that sticks to the chimney liner or walls and can spark a fire.


Fire on woods

Air Quality

Pretty similar to the installation of air purifiers, chimney sweeps also improve the air quality in your house. Naturally, you would want your family to breathe quality air, and an unclean chimney is nothing but a pool of toxins and fumes that you may unknowingly inhale.


It’s said that a chimney would require cleaning after every seventy fires. However, there’s no sure way to determine whether the previous owner considered this or calculated how many times they light up the fireplace after the last sweep. So if you don’t want to hold off chimney sweeping till the winters are at your doorstep, it’s a good idea to have it cleaned up when you move into the new house. There’s no downside to it. In fact, it may only prove to be beneficial and improve the efficiency of your fireplace once the winters arrive.

Who to Hire for a Sweep?

As important as it is to have a chimney sweep once a year or after every seventy fires, it’s also important to remember that only a reliable and professional chimney contractor should be hired for the job. If you want to know one in Farmington, Connecticut, Creative Masonry & Chimney LLC is a renowned name for chimney repair and services. You can contact them today and get your new house’s chimney set up to your standard.