Burst pipes are a serious problem for many homeowners. It’s the last thing you want happening because it’s expensive to recover from water damage and it ruins your furniture. However, you need to be able to assess and address bursts.

Freezing Water

A common cause of pipes bursting in the winter is them freezing due to the cold. If a certain point in your pipeline is frozen, water will start accumulating. This will cause more pressure than the pipes can handle, making them burst.

There are different ways you can protect your pipes from freezing but the easiest way is to call in a pro plumber and have them assess the situation. Because frozen pipes are hard to handle, it’s best to leave this to an expert.


Steel water pipes

This is common with steel pipes. When the pipes in your home have never been changed or repaired, they grow weak from use over the years. They either leak or burst.

However, there’s not a lot you can do to avoid corrosion—you’ll have to replace the pipes when they burst. A great alternative is to install plastic or copper pipes when replacing.

High Water Pressure

The ideal pressure for most homes is 40 to 45 psi. Most pipes in your homes will not be able to withstand a pressure of more than 60 psi.  A couple of reasons for high water pressure in your homes could either be back-end high pressure or problems in the supply that are causing fluctuations in water flow and pressure.


Clogs are another reason for your pipes bursting. Clogs create unnecessary pressure in your pipes, and at a certain point it’ll end up being too much for the pipes to handle. This can cause the pipes to burst.

The pipes in washrooms get clogged easily because toilet paper, hair, or even food can build up and get caught in it. A way to prevent the pipes from clogging is to be careful about what goes into the drains.

Hire a Plumbing Company

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