A home garage is an important part of your property, a place where you store your car, tools, and other necessities. Practicing safety with these doors requires some effort and caution. Here are some important safety tips for homeowners:

Visually Inspect Them Regularly

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep everyone in your home safe. Make sure that you check the condition of your garage door regularly. Check for items like tears, holes, and loose fittings that could make the door a hazard for accidents or crime.

You want to check everything from the tracks that guide the door up and down to the hinges around which it moves. If you notice any problems, get them fixed immediately.

Teach Your Kids Safety Around Moving Doors

Be sure to talk to your children about the dangers of garage doors. Make sure that they know these basics:

  • Never lean on a moving door. This can cause injury or trap you underneath it if the door closes. Keep your kids away from doors during operation.
  • Never stick objects or hands through the track. It can be very dangerous if the garage door suddenly closes on them.
  • Keep doors closed when not in use. You may have a child who runs into a garage while playing—they could get locked inside.
  • Be sure to turn off any power tools or equipment before opening the garage door. This will help prevent accidents and injuries.

home featuring a garage with an open door

Test Your Door’s Balance

If you’re not sure, test to see how balanced your door is. Lift one side of the door while it’s closed. If it tilts, then that side must be heavier. It may mean that anchor bolts need to be adjusted or added.

If there are any issues with the balance that you can’t resolve yourself, call a professional. You’ll avoid dangerous accidents this way and make your home more secure at the same time.

Install Garage Door Security Features

Finally, you can increase your home’s security by adding some safety features to your garage door. Look into devices like an alarm or motion sensor to let you know if someone is trying to tamper with the door or get in the garage. Install floodlights to illuminate the garage door and make it harder for thieves to operate in the dark. Don’t forget to maintain your doors and check that they’re safe.

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