If your garage door has been damaged, you’ll need to consider repairing or upgrading it. However, if it needs more than a repair, it’s probably best to get it replaced. Here’s your guide on why you should upgrade it and ways to do it.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Garage Door

A new garage door is an inexpensive way to enhance your curb appeal instantly. High-quality garage doors are made from multiple layers of vinyl, galvanized steel, or composite wrapped around the foam insulation. There’s a diverse variety of Garage Doors Toledo that suit different architectural styles.

Upgrading your garage door means living with a decision for decades. So, it’s better to choose the most convenient and suitable style.

Signs to Upgrade Your Garage Door

  • Inability to open or close

The inability of a garage door to open or close can be a frustrating problem. It’s often caused due to worn cables, stripped gears, or malfunctioning operators. Having to park your car outside because of this reason may risk security.

Rust may also break down the metallic structure of your garage door, making it difficult to open and close. In the event of extensive damage, upgrading your door to a new unit should be more convenient.

  • Unusual Noise

Though garage doors don’t function silently, something is wrong if they operate with more noise than usual. Unwanted sounds may be caused due to damaged torsion springs or grinding gears.

  • Off-Track Door

Garage doors usually come off of their tracks because of damaged rollers. You will likely need more than a repair to get each part functioning ideally. That’s when you should consider upgrading to a new model.

Material Choices

Though garage doors are quite low-maintenance, their energy efficiency depends on the material they’re made from.

  • Single-layered (good) – has a galvanized layer for rust protection. It often comes with a topcoat.
  • Three-layered (better) – provides more rigidity and a quieter operation. It’s best for harsh environments near saltwater.
  • Four to five-layered (best) – have a solid-wood frame, are filled with insulation, and wrapped in plywood.
  • Residential garage door

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