The average lifespan of a roof is 30-50 years. However, most roofs don’t last that long due to a lack of maintenance and proper roof repairs.

If you want to ensure that your roof lasts long, we’re here to help. This article discusses some simple ways to increase the lifespan of your roof.

1- Clean Those Gutters

Gutters are an important part of the overall roofing system. With clean gutters, you can avoid most of your roof problems as gutters drain the water from your roof, keeping it debris-free.

However, gutters can also cause the most common roof problem—roof leaks. Whenever small debris and leaves get stuck in the gutters, it prevents proper water drainage from the roof, which leads to a roof leak.

Roof leaks happen mostly in the windy or monsoon season, where debris and leaves get blown into the gutter pipers through the wind and water. However, you can avoid a roof leak by scheduling regular gutter cleaning.

You should also check the gutter angle and the downspout to ensure that the water is drawing properly. Proper inspection of gutters is also necessary to ensure that no leaves are blocking the gutter passage.

2- Trim Large Trees Regularly

Trees in your surrounding can make your house more eco-friendly, but they can also cause some roof problems. One of the most common causes of roof issues is leaf and debris shedding, which happens when a large unkempt tree branch sheds leaves and large twigs on your roof.

This especially happens during the fall season, when strong winds cause branches to fall on your roof. In the winter season, the branches may get weighed down by snow and fall on the roof. These branches can also rub against the roof, leading to missing shingles. A large number of missing shingles can lead to other roof problems.

The best way to avoid all these roof problems is to regularly trim large tree branches around your house so that they don’t reach your roof.

3- Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

The most important step of improving your roof’s lifespan is to inspect it regularly. Many small issues can be fixed in time with regular inspections, avoiding any other costly issues later. Most roof experts advise scheduling a regular home inspection every few months.

A roof fixer repairing the roof

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