Swimming is usually reserved as a fun summertime activity that is good for health, but its benefits are often highly underestimated. Swimming has a lot of hidden advantages that are still being discovered and recommended by the CDC.

These benefits might make you want to consider getting in touch with a professional pool designer and get a pool in your backyard:


Burn Calories

While people consider running to be the de facto method of burning calories, the reality is that swimming can get the job done as good as a sprint around the track or the treadmill, if not more.

Different strokes help burn different amounts of calories, ranging from 60 to 150 calories in 10 minutes of exercise. The water resistance does make it a more difficult job to swim than to run, but all of that workout boasts a lot of benefits that make it worth the effort.


Improves Flexibility

To move across the water, you’re required to perform different strokes that make you push, stretch, extend, and reach out into the water to get from one place to another. All of these movements ensure your body gets a good workout, and your limbs get a fair amount of stretching that helps them stay flexible as you swim.

A man swimming in the pool.


Suitable For Those With Asthma

Now you might be thinking, an exercise that revolves around holding your breath is suitable for people who have difficulty breathing? Yes. Swimming can help develop better lung capacity and improve breathing for those having asthma.

The moist environment in swimming pools is also generally easier for those who struggle to hold their breath.


Full Workout

Unlike other exercises where the focus is on one section or part of your body, your entire body is engaged in the act of swimming. Moving across the water-resistance builds endurance in your body, toning your body and building strength throughout without taking a toll on your heart rate and making it more efficient for pumping blood.

A swimming pool is a lot more affordable than you might imagine, and with the help of an expert landscape architect, your outdoor living space might end up killing the need to go out on expensive vacations. A resort in your own house is a great bargain. Contact us today at Perfect Pools to get to work on your pool right away.