More than 73 million premises use natural gas for residential or commercial purposes. The implications of the leak depend on its severity, but the flammable leaks have a greater chance of explosion.

If you notice the smell of a dead rat or a rotten egg, that’s perhaps an indication of a gas leak. Let’s have a look at why you should take action immediately and call the professionals to tackle the issue.

Aggravate the Respiratory Conditions

Gas leaks contribute to smog, and thus, it poses a serious risk to health conditions. It can be particularly dangerous for you if you have asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Poisoning of Carbon Monoxide

It can make you feel nauseous and dizzy. Moreover, there are also chances that you may feel chest pain, abdominal pain, and feel irritation in your eyes.

This can be due to the reduced amount of oxygen present in the air due to a gas leak.

Effect Your Pets

Your pets can get unconscious if there’s a high level of gas leakage. Moreover, they may also have difficulty breathing, vomiting, or a change in their behavior and mood due to lethargy.

Poses a Threat to Climatic Issues

If the gas leaks aren’t fixed immediately, they can lead to a serious problem. The leaks have major implications on the climate, thus affecting the overall environment and air quality. Methane, present in natural gas is a strong greenhouse gas that adds to global warming.

Can Cause an Explosion at Your Home

Natural gas is highly combustible and produces a lot of heat. This property can also make it turn into a disaster in case there’s a leak. It can turn into an explosion immediately if immediate action isn’t taken.

Make Sure to Follow the Safety Checklist

  • Don’t touch the electrical components
  • Call professionals immediately to check for the gas leak
  • Don’t use a cellphone or any electronic device near it
  • Don’t try to adjust the readings of a thermostat or any appliance
  • Don’t make the mistake of lighting up a cigarette or smoking nearby

explosion due to gas leak

Now that you’ve noticed how catastrophic a gas leak can be don’t take any risks. If you notice any odd smell that’s making you feel dizzy and nauseous, call the professionals immediately.

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