Once you’ve got a pool constructed, expect it to be used heavily. And why not? Swimming is great exercise, a ton of fun, and everyone wants in. But you might have to get some additional items to improve the experience for you and others.

Here are some of our favorite picks:


With a pool in your backyard, you’re bound to attract friends who are looking for fun. While you and your buddies could spend all the time in the water just swimming along the edges, you’ll want to have something for when you start to get bored.

Inflatable mattress next to a volleyball in the swimming pool.

And what better than some competitive sports to keep spirits high? Get a volleyball and have a match with your friends. You’ll need a net in between the pool too for fouls, but you could make do without one as well.



Swimming is excellent and all, but the water’s resistance can get a little tiring at times. What if you just want to catch a break, float in the water without having to put in too much stress, and hold your breath? An inflatable is just what you need in this case.

Inflatable tube floating in a swimming pool.

Float like a feather in the water as you lie or sit on top of the inflatable. The buoyancy can be very relaxing. This is a unique way to relax out in the sun.


Outdoor Towel Rack

Imagine this: you’re having a relaxing moment in your pool, and you doze off leaning against the side. You wake up to the sound of the doorbell, and the first thing you do is rush to get a towel. But you can’t find it anywhere because you don’t have a specific place to leave it, and during this commotion, the person at the door may leave.

A red towel hanging down by clips.

This scenario could have been avoided if you just had a towel rack outside the pool; you could grab one, change into some comfortable clothes, and attend to the door. It’s a great way of keeping yours and others’ towels organized, clean, and available at arm’s length.

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