Water has numerous benefits for the human body, but you can only reap these benefits if you frequently consume neutral water that has a pH value of close to seven. However, with the contamination of chemicals in California’s well water, residents aren’t getting the neutral water they need to stay fit and healthy.

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Why Is Acidic Water Bad For You?

Water becomes acidic when hydronium ion is dissolved in the water. You’ll be surprised to know that frequent consumption of acidic water can cause illness and, in extreme circumstances, can be poisonous too. Also, acids can wear away the enamel of your teeth, causing you to lose them.

Acidic water can also easily damage your plumbing system and cause leakages in your pipes. You can conduct a pH test to check whether your water supply has a value lower than seven or not. If you don’t know how to do the test, you can hire water treatment specialists to conduct water analysis.

Should You Consume Alkaline Water?

From negatively affecting your bone health to lowering your natural stomach acidity, alkaline water with a pH value greater than seven can harm your health in many ways. If you feel nausea and vomit frequently without a known cause, get the water system at your home checked as this could be highly alkaline and lead to several health issues. Water treatment solutions can help make it neutral.

Is Neutral Water The Best Option?

Neutral water is best for your body and your plumbing system. However, you’ll be surprised to know that the drinking water systems don’t give water with exactly a pH value of seven. This is because modern drinking systems provide water with nutritious minerals, which slightly changes the pH value. So, even if the water is slightly non-neutral, it has healthy minerals to justify the change in value.

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Get Top-Quality Saltless Systems Today!

There’s nothing better than consuming neutral water. Even the slightest pH changes can be dangerous for your family, especially if you’ve got small kids. This is why you must get saltless systems from AAA Water Systems to ensure you’ve got access to neutral water at all times. They’ve got several Salt Free Water Systems, including TX Membrane and scale reduction systems that use modern techniques to purify your water from contaminants and make it neutral.

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