If you want to turn your pool area into an aesthetic retreat, all you need to do is add a waterfall feature to enhances your landscape. A defining addition like a waterfall feature adds a pleasant and calming feel to your outdoor living space and pool area.

You can play some mellow tunes and create the perfect ambiance for dinners and parties. But before you make any decision, you need to explore the types of unique design features you can play with.

Read ahead to learn about the many options in store for you.


Natural Stone Waterfalls

Adding rocky stones to your pool will bring an exquisite appearance with a fusion of natural elements. Bringing you close to nature by modifying the waterfalls slightly, it will make you feel like you’re swimming between the Rocky Mountains.


Water Curtains

Water curtains add a modern and sleek look to yourRock waterfall feature in swimming pool pool. The water flows in the shape of a curtain fall—hence the name.

Positioned right at the edge of the pool, a gush of water will fall into your pool. If you’re concerned about noise from the gushing water, then the curtain featured hardly makes noise if positioned properly.


Infinity Water Feature

Nothing is as soothing as enjoying the poolside experience with this waterfall.

This allows your eyes to capture the infinite experience of the water through your pool. This feature will work great if your home is surrounded by scenic views.



Not only does this waterfall add a look of lavishness to the pool but it also captures the visitors’ eyes. Making itself stand out from others, it manages to add an entertaining experience to your events.


Deck Jets

This waterfall would be entertaining for the kids who might crave rainfall experience. Modern and unique in nature, this waterfall creates a blissful experience with suitable lighting with it.

No pool experience is complete without proper lighting and space. Your waterfall can appear extremely dull without adequate lighting. Whether you choose to add lighting near the pool, in the yard or underwater, the added feature will accentuate your pool waterfall. Regular maintenance of the waterfall pump and motor is crucial for the longevity of your pool system. Your waterfall also depends on the size of your pool since you wouldn’t want to overcrowd your outdoor space.

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