The drop in temperatures can cause damage to your home. Hence, it’s essential to prepare your property for the chilly months ahead. A little maintenance could be handy right now.

If you haven’t prepared yet, now is a good time to do it. Let’s look at what tips you should follow to make sure your home is ready for the upcoming season!

Check the Outdoor Drains

Garden debris can clog the drains throughout the year. Remove the fallen leaves, moss, and grime before the frosty winters arrive to avoid the sludge and debris from accumulating.

The Garden trowel comes in handy for cleaning the drains. You can also pour bleach into the drain once the drains are clean. During the colder months of the year, the grease inside the pipes becomes stiff and causes the drains to clog.

Maintain the Sink in The Toilet

Do you notice a gurgling noise when you flush your toilet? Frozen clogging makes it difficult for the drain to work normally. As the winter months come closer frozen pipes and clogged, drains require regular maintenance.

Pouring hot water in the kitchen and washroom sink every few weeks prevents the build-up of grease in the pipes and reduces the risk of clogged drains.

Repair Your Heater

In case you’ve kept your heater in the storeroom, it’s now time to take it out and ensure that it’s working properly. The last thing you’d want is to be freezing at your home on a chilly night. Don’t forget to check the thermostat’s batteries to see if they’re working properly and the air filters are not clogged with dust.

Fix the Hot Water Heating System

Believe it or not, nothing is more calming than a hot water bath after a long tiring day. A warm bath with scented candles around the bathtub can be perfect for enjoying quality me-time to de-stress yourself.

However, a long period of inactivity drains the heating system and can lead to many problems like noise, odors, and leaks. No matter what the reason, if you face any of these problems, it is essential to reach out to an expert to prevent further deterioration.

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