Can you imagine yourself roasting marshmallows and having a great laugh with your family on a chilly fall evening? That’s the dream.

Toasting at a poolside fire pit is the ideal way to spend the weekend out on your outdoor living space. During the fall’s cooler nights or winter’s freezing winds, your fire pit will always be a thrilling hangout spot—a place where all your family and friends could enjoy and make the best of memories.

But, before you go ahead and live your dream, here are a few things to note before you install a fire pit.


Decide on the Type Of Fire Pit You’d Want

Whether permanent or portable, fire pits come in a range of different styles, shapes, sizes and materials. Before installing a pit, identify the kind of pit that would best suit your needs. Consider whether you want to invest in a permanent fire pit or keep a portable one to place right before parties and dinners.

You could choose from inground, above ground, prefab, fire bowl, customized, gas or wood-burning fire pits. If you’re looking for an affordable option, then custom fire pits allow you to customize according to your landscape and keep the costs to a minimum. For a more aesthetic and compact design, the fire bowl is ideal.

Once you’ve decided the style, you must choose the right kind of material and shape for your home. Fire pits can be made from stone, brick, concrete to steel and other materials in a square, rectangle, circular or customized shape.

Your fire pit depends on your design aesthetic, the available space and the landscape of your outdoor area. Start planning by contacting expert pool contractors for professional swimming pool and landscape designing.


Figure Out the Placement

Most communities and buildings regulate the distance Poolside fire pit surrounded by chairsbetween your home and the neighbor’s. The minimum requirement is about 10-feet away.

Check with your local fire department if you need a permit or just an inspection local officers from the fire department.

Since the fire pit is used for cooler weather, make sure to identify which direction the cool winds come in from before placement.


Verify and Plan Out the Cost

Fire pits are priced at a diverse range. A basic design of stacked stones on a circular metal base set up for wood burning only can cost less than $100.

Self-supporting pits made from concrete or stone can be priced anywhere between $300 to $2,000.

The prices vary according to design and size. For a consultation about costing, book a free 1-hour appointment with Perfect Pools for advice from experienced landscape designers in Sterling, VA.


Take Safety Precautions!

The topmost priority before installing a pit is safety. Take into account safety measures against fire and maintain minimal risk. Ensure all your family members know how to put out the fire feature.

Keep all flammable items away from the pit. Set rules for your children. No child should be near a burning pit unattended and the fire pit may only be used in the presence of an adult. A fire extinguisher should be placed at an accessible distance. Your family’s safety matters more than any aesthetic!

Are you excited about installing a poolside fire pit and enhancing your outdoor living space? You should be! For more information about fire pits and pool systems, contact the experienced pool contractors and landscape designers in Sterling, VA at Perfect Pools.