The US ornamental glass market is estimated at $4008.33 million in 2020 and is expected to reach $5266.09 million by 2025. Ornamental grass—or grass-like plants—are long, beautiful plants that grow fast and don’t need to be mowed or cut. They are in high demand because they are incredibly low-maintenance and robust.

Ornamental plantation has become an essential part of home and commercial staging. Gardening enthusiasts love to plant ornamental grass due to its diverse variety and unique visual quality.

However, the vast diversity of species and cultivars, and the numerous methods to design them, can make the process overwhelming. It’s essential to note that ornamental grasses are different from traditional shrubs and trees, and do not maintain a permanent structure.

They change their size, shape, color, and texture according to the season and climate. Gardeners and landscapers must choose the right ornamental grass for their yards and gardens—one that has the perfect characteristics for the season and the garden’s aesthetic. You can also consult professional outdoor designers for further guidance.

Here are the four best ornamental grasses for residential landscapes.

Ravenna grass (Saccharum spp.)

Ravenna grass is one of the tallest ornamental grasses you can find. Its plumes can reach up to 10 feet! It makes a strong statement when used for autumn landscaping in your backyard. The blue-silver foliage in the plumes make the whole plant shine and stand out.

Ravenna grass is a fast-growing plant, and has the potential to grow up to 12 feet. Therefore, you should monitor its growth before it becomes invasive and obstructs your views.


Switchgrasses (Panicum spp.)

Switchgrass, also known as Bunch Grass, is medium-length ornamental grass that’s perfect for small to medium-sized gardens. It’s strong and upright, and can prosper and survive in subpar soils too.

Switchgrass is a sun-loving plant that is preferred during summers. It forms light silvery-red pinnacles in the summertime and is best for people who love different colors in their gardens. One innovative way to plant it is to combine it with wildflowers.

silvery-red switchgrass

Blue grama grasses (Bouteloua spp.)

Blue grama is a fascinating ornamental grass with a small footprint. Due to the fact that it’s low-growing, blue grama is mostly used for edging, borders, and ground covers. These are vigorous plants that adapt to harsh winters and summers.

These plants have comb-like seed heads with blue-green foliage. They are best planted in areas at high elevations. Blue grama is perfect to be bordered around modern pools. It can seamlessly fit into the pool’s length without being invasive.

Check out some outdoor spaces designed by Perfect Pools for inspiration.

grass on pool’s edge

Japanese forest grasses (Hakonechloa spp.)

Japanese forest grasses are among some of the most exciting ornamental grasses you can find. Available in a rainbow of colors, they bring light and beauty to tedious and shaded backyards.

They’re best planted in groups of three or more, and it takes a while for them to get used to the moisture in the environment. Once they get going, it creates a waterfall effect in your garden.

a field of Japanese forest grass

Japanese forest grasses are perfect when planted poolside in your backyard. You can consult the experienced pool contractors at Perfect Pools in Sterling, VA, to design a customized pool that highlights your ornamental grass.

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