COVID-19 has pushed people to consider outdoor spaces over indoors. 90% Americans find their outdoor space more valuable than ever before, while 78% Americans are already making outside upgrades.

Just because the winter season is around the corner doesn’t mean we can’t start prepping our outdoor for the pool parties and barbeques of next summer.

It’s best to start planning ahead of time to prepare for the time, cost, and effort to bring your vision into reality.

If your tiny outdoor space has got you thinking about how these ideas won’t be for you, don’t worry! Here are four great ideas to revamp a small outdoor space.

Consider a Built-In Bench

This option is excellent if you have your own home and some extra money to spare. A built-in bench can be made using concrete or wood, whatever matches the aesthetics of your home since these fit well in tight spots.

While there are ready-to-use options available in the market, we recommend getting a custom-built-in bench that is ideal for your space. You can take it to the next level by combining a table and built-in bench for a perfect workstation, an outdoor dining spot, or even a fun gathering space for family and friends.

Take Advantage of Hidden Storage

Making full use of your outdoor space requires other tools and accessories too. When you have a small space, storage can be tricky. Hidden storage comes in handy by providing a spot to stash items and acting as a piece of furniture too.

Storage bench and storage planters are some very commonly used hidden storage items.

Using an object that serves the purpose of two is a great way to maximize space in smaller spaces.

Tiny Garden Space

Living in an apartment comes with its advantages and consequences. If you live in an apartment with a love for gardening but the small outdoor space limits you, a tiny garden is the perfect solution for you.

Make the most of your balcony with a container garden. It’s literally what the name suggests, storing your plants and flowers in small containers and pots. This makes it very easy to move the pots around while allowing you to grow your plants, flowers, and vegetables.

Faux Grass

Faux grass can look spectacular if the job is done right. It can transform your urban patios and balcony by adding the feeling of an actual lawn. While it’s possible to do a DIY job, many errors can ruin the final look of your faux grass.

If you don’t eliminate the harsh edges, it can easily indicate that your grass is faux. Or, if you don’t follow the correct prepping procedure and secure it with the right glue, the faux grass can start popping up in places.

Contact a professional landscaping service provider for a job well-done.

People with big yards and outdoor spaces, we have got you covered too. Here are three amazing ideas to use in conjunction with the ones mentioned above to make the most of your space.

Gardening & Landscaping

There’s nothing sadder than a big and spacious yard being wasted.

Map out the space and utilize it to create a garden landscape. With the right garden landscaping provider, you can design and build a sophisticated outdoor space that compliments your lifestyle. It acts as a perfect outdoor spot to entertain friends or relax.

A good gardening and landscaping service provider will provide you with a sketch as per your design and requirements to determine the list of plants used around the landscaping.

Outdoor Fire Pit/Fireplace

Whether it’s a summertime barbeque or a winter night next to a warm fireplace and hot cocoa, outdoor firepits add more than just beauty. It helps pull the outdoor space together for the season, while offering functionality.

There are various designs available, from sleek tables to statement bowls, to match the aesthetics of your outdoor setup. The key is to find the one that offers the features you are looking for. Look up fire pits that feature quality, safety (especially if you have pets or children), ease of use, functionality, size, etc.

Get the best custom outdoor fire pit designed for your yard with Stone Solutions Maine.

Stone Veneers

Stone veneers are a great idea to make your outdoor attractive without affecting its functionality. Even though it’s a faux stone as it’s man-made, it’s still as long-lasting and rigid as an actual stone.

Stone veneers can be used alone to create driveways or frame the doorways or use in combination to create an extraordinary fireplace or a large exterior wall.

The best part about stone veneers is that they don’t just add to the beauty of your house but also increase its worth. This makes them a pretty good investment.

Get high-quality stone veneer installation with the best contractor in town.

These are some of the amazing ideas you can use to revamp your outdoor space. In the end, it all comes down to what functionality you expect out of it, the size of your outdoor space, and your likings.

Regardless of the answer, Stone Solutions Maine provides the best outdoor revamping services in Maine town.

Whether it’s landscaping services or a custom paver driveway, they can create a plan that’ll fit your space right.

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