It’s no longer enough to lean junk against the wall. A garage makeover is in order. It doesn’t matter how much space you have in your garage, as long as you use it well. Here are four tips to maximize your garage storage:

1. Built-In Counter and Cabinets

Some garages aren’t large enough to accommodate a large, permanent built-in, but adding some cabinets can hide the hodge-podge nature of the contents. Cabinets and drawers conceal disarray, unlike open racks.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a gardener, or a mechanic, a garage workspace is essential. If your workspace is limited or your projects vary seasonally, a foldable workbench can maximize your space and efficiency.

2. Hooks and Slats

If you want to organize your garage, hooks and slats are your best friends. You can hang tools, coats, bikes, and ladders to keep them off the floor and out of the way.

3. Overhead Storage

Almost everything we store in our garages is only used seasonally, so why clog up your garage year-round? You can start building once all the wall real estate has been used up.

Holiday decor, out-of-season clothing, and that heirloom bassinet you’re saving for your first child can all be stored in overhead garage storage systems.

Overhead beam garages are designed for the installation of wire racks or plywood above the existing structure. When using a sliding system, drywall ceilings can be optimized for storage. Make sure your containers have labels on the bottom.

4. Parking Bumpers

It is nerve-racking to park in a tight garage and to park too close to your workspace. Cars are too easy to scrape dinge and run into things. Tennis balls attached to the ceiling a) look silly and b) don’t consider your car’s sides.

Easily build a parking block yourself or buy one that stops you once you’re past the threshold of the door and before you hit your newly installed cabinetry.

Purchase wall bumpers to protect the sides of your car. Installing half-sized pool noodles with screws onto the wall is a cheap, common solution. In addition to protecting your doors from dings, it will emit a rubbery screech if you get too close.

Garage Storage

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