This year, level up your pool game with a dive-in movie experience. All you need is a little creative thinking, and some helping hands and your get-together can quickly become the envy of the neighborhood. What’s better than the calming and entertaining combination of water and a lovely flick? Your friends will remember this exciting treat for the years to come.

So put on your thinking hat and use your pool to host a perfect movie night for your loved ones. Here are some pro tips for your exciting endeavor:

Gather the basics

A pool party/movie night doesn’t have to be heavy on the pocket. All you need to rent is a projector if you don’t already have one. You probably have all the other essentials, such as laptops, favorite movies, and speakers. Use a large wall as the backdrop and place some comfortable chairs around your pool’s relaxing waters.

Put them together

The next step is setting up your outdoor space to make it look welcoming. Cover the large wall with a plain white sheet and ensure that it’s securely placed so that the wind doesn’t flap it around. The screen should be at a convenient height so that all of your guests can view it without any obstruction.

Place your projector at the other end of the screen and away from water. You can use a pool float or a lounge chair to set the device in place firmly. Keep someone in charge of the projector to ensure that its cords aren’t posing a fall risk for your guests.

Woman sitting in a pool during night time

Stock pool friendly food and drink

Food is an essential tool to define the success of any party. The more lip-smacking the food, the happier your guests are going to be. However, the cuisine for your pool party movie night will be a little different from the one used in conventional pool parties. Introduce some theater snacks to enhance the ambiance. Popcorns, gummy bears, hot dogs, soda, lemonade, and anything that can make your party more entertaining should be on your list. You can also rent a popcorn machine to bring real theater feels to your pool.

Set the mood with décor

Once you’ve taken care of all the basics, invest some time in setting up the ambiance. Outdoor lights and lanterns can give a mesmerizing touch to your pool and make it look almost magical. Floats and poolside fire and water features can also make your backyard look beautiful. Use whatever you have to transform your outdoor space into the perfect pool and theater combo.

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