A swimming pool filled with pristine water can enhance any home’s curb appeal while simultaneously offering a relaxing spot for your family and friends. While it may seem like a challenge, being eco-conscious about your swimming pool isn’t that hard. You can use water responsibly and play your part in making the planet greener in the following eco-friendly ways:

Skip harmful cleaners

If you use chlorine to clean your pool, you know how effective it can be. But are you aware of the harm it can do to the environment? According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, chlorine is a pesticide that can wreak havoc on the foliage and animals in your backyard. It can also ruin your skin and hair and cause illness or injury.

For a healthier pool, switch to moderate cleaners such as natural mineral sanitizers and Ozonator systems. You can also get a natural swimming pool installed that uses plants and algae to self-clean.

Cover your pool

Your swimming pool loses 1/4th inches of water every day due to evaporation. On sunnier days, a higher amount of water is lost in the environment. This means you have to compensate for the evaporation with more resources. A simple way to cut down your water loss is by covering your pool with a canopy. This can also reduce the number of UV rays hitting the pool, keeping your skin safe from the harmful beams.

Two women looking out of a swimming pool

Clean your filters regularly

Dirty filters can increase the workload on your pump, consuming more energy. On the other hand, clean filters can improve your swimming pool’s efficiency, reducing its power usage. So, clean your filters regularly with the backwashing method and replace the device when its time. Depending on the type of filter you have, you may have to use somewhere between 8–10 PSI and replace the entire filter to clean it thoroughly at least once every year.

Add a timer to your pump

If your circulation pump runs for an extended time, it can consume more energy than desirable and cost you substantial money. Running your pump for six hours every day is enough for your pool to run optimally. Adding a timer to your pool is an effective way of ensuring that it doesn’t run for more than this time frame. It can also ensure that the water is regularly filtered without consuming an irrational amount of energy.

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