Carpeted floors appear comfortable and cozy at homes and even in workplace environments. They do not only feel better under your feet but also protect the flooring underneath. However, it is a daunting challenge to keep the carpets neat and clean to make them last longer.

It is worth knowing that even your best efforts would not be sufficient to prevent the debris, dust, and dirt particles from settling in and clogging the carpet. Carpets have the natural tendency to attract dust and dirt.

Carpet cleaning plays a crucial role in increasing its durability and making your rooms look more neat and clean. Here are some handy tips that can make your carpet last longer:

1. Multiple Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning is one of the most common and widely known ways to clean carpets. However, not many people know that carpets require a proper vacuuming routine to get rid of dust and dirt. You must ensure that you are vacuuming your carpet at least once every week.


Domestic carpet cleaning is vital for hygienic living conditions


If pets are roaming in the house, raising the vacuuming frequency for your carpet would be wise. Frequent vacuuming prevents the build-up of bacteria-containing dust on rug fibers.

Since vacuum cleaning is a tiring job, people usually do it once. However, you must vacuum your carpet multiple times, at least twice, to ensure the proper removal of dirt and dust particles.

2. Dealing with Stains

There is a lot of confusion on handling carpet stains. Many people rub the stains to make sure that the stain does not become permanent. However, this is an entirely wrong approach. Rubbing carpet stains pushes the liquid particles further into the carpet’s fibers, making it even more challenging to remove them.

Rubbing the carpet stains may also damage the fibers permanently, and the worn-out carpet in the stained area is not a good sight for anyone.

Immediate removal of carpet stains using a clean cloth is effective when applied with moderate pressure to soak the spilled liquid and blot the stains out of the carpet. Baking soda is one of the most effective and powerful chemicals commercial carpet cleaning services utilize to remove carpet stains.


3. Chewing Gum Problem

Perhaps one of the most challenging and messy situations during carpet cleaning involves removing sticky chewing gums. You would have already tired peeling the chewing gum out of the carpet, but then it would spread to other carpet areas and still stick. Rubbing is also ineffective because it presses the chewing gum deeper into the carpet fibers.

The most convenient way to resolve this problem is by placing a few ice cubes over the stuck chewing gum, allowing it to freeze, and then pulling the frozen gum out of the carpet using a spoon.

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