Since Prometheus stole fire from the Gods, humankind has been juggling ways to restore, conserve, and use fire efficiently. Brick and mortar fireplaces are architectural classics of the Medieval era. They leave your interiors with a sense of eternal grandeur and timeless beauty. No wonder medieval-style thick masonry walls to absorb heat and radiation has become a major part of modern fireplace architecture.

As more minimal architectural designs make way, frameless fireplaces have become a go-to design for most Americans today.  If you’re looking forward to remodeling your interiors around chic fireplaces, many professionals in Connecticut could help you around with it.

No matter how modern your fireplace modeling, fireplaces like any household article need timely repair. But how are you to know if your fireplace needs a repair? Let’s find out.

Your Fireplace Reeks of Smoke

Like other exhaustive mechanisms, fireplaces are based around providing an outlet to smoke that travels from the chimney fuse out of your home. Excess creosote deposits in your chimney over time cause your fireplace to smell like a days-old campfire. Fireplace deodorants and air purifiers only help temporarily. Your fireplace smell can choke you if it continues to reek.

Getting rid of chimney deposits is no big deal for fireplace masonry professionals. Whether it’s soot removal or chimney cleaning, professional services tend to give longer-lasting results than DIY gigs.

The Mortar Joint Has Issues

The mortar is the sticky paste that joins the bricks your fireplace is made of. It’s usually made of clay and asphalt mixed together. Mortar joints can be given many colors to make them more decorative. Broken and damaged mortar joints lead to moisture soaking in the fireplace. In winters, a moisture-soaked mortar joint is meant to crack, leading to smoke and heat to escape.

There are plenty of Chimney repair services, especially in Granby, CT, and most readily offer mortar joint fixation options. Make sure you go for experienced Chimney Repair CT professionals to avail best repair services.

mortar joint

The Many Shades of White

White stains, also known as efflorescence, result when moisture inside of the fireplace seeps out through the bricks. The seepage leads to visible white stains on the exteriors of fireplaces. Efflorescence can begin forming within 72 hours of moisture accumulation. Since it has to do with moisture, heavy rainfall makes efflorescence worse.

There are ways you can get rid of visible stains on your fireplace. Masonry contractors in CT know their job well. Hire them for reliable services.

Fireplace repair and maintenance are a must for long-term use. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) insists that domestic fireplaces be cleaned once every year. For such a feasible haul, it’s better if you call residential masonry contractors in CT.

Statement fireplaces add great worth to your homes’ architectural design. Don’t let passing by masonry contractors ruin the beauty of your fireplaces. Hire masonry contractors in CT who have experienced enough to handle your domestic fireplace. Chimney services in Hartford, CT, and fireplace remodeling services in Connecticut are also offered by Creative Masonry and Chimney. Contact them if you need more information about their services.