The types of lighting fixtures you incorporate in your home design can truly elevate your indoor space.

Today, homeowners in Sydney have several lighting fixtures to choose from when it comes to revamping their interior decor. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a common form of lighting fixture used in homes. It refers to suspended or mounted fixtures that are arranged in a linear form and comprise several individual light heads. These light heads may be positioned anywhere along the lighting track and are adjustable, which allows for easy illumination.

Track lighting fixtures are mostly used for accenting certain parts of the house and are more decorative than they are practical. For instance, track lighting may be used to highlight the artwork on a wall. In case of a smaller room, however, you can also use track lighting as the sole lighting fixture for that space.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Another common light fixture you’ll see in most homes in Sydney is under-cabinet lighting. As obvious by the name itself, this fixture is mounted underneath cabinets and is most commonly used in kitchens. The fixture helps in brightening up the kitchen space and illuminating the shelves and countertops in the room.

The best part about under-cabinet lighting is that it has dual uses. It can easily be used as task lighting and give homeowners the level of brightness they need when preparing meals in the kitchen. Additionally, the fixture adds a contemporary and clean vibe to the area, making the room look aesthetically appealing.

If you’re not installing under-cabinet lighting fixtures as the predominant lighting source in your kitchen, you can opt for low-energy fixtures to create an elegant ambience with dim lighting for when the kitchen isn’t being used.


Finally, let’s not forget about chandeliers. These lighting fixtures are typically installed in living rooms or areas where homeowners expect to entertain guests. Considered to be among the fancier forms of lighting fixtures available, chandeliers are typically suspended from the centre of the ceiling for an enhanced effect. They’re larger than most other lighting fixtures and are usually made of expensive materials such as crystals and glass pearls.

close up of a chandelier

You can also have a chandelier installed in your home’s main entrance or foyer, or even in the master bedroom.

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